Yet Another Chris

London, UK

Configuring WCF in code

One of the main issues I have with WCF, compared to say a WebApi or a NancyFX based API, are the ridiculously large configuration options you have available. The ABC approach it uses (addresses, bindings, contracts) can adds a lot of confusion when you’re creating a service and also connecting with a client.

.NET logging libraries compared

This is a short presentation I created for the company I work for, and gives my thoughts on the state of .NET logging libraries in 2014. My knowledge comes from day-to-day use of MSEntLib and log4net and moving from TraceListener to NLog in Roadkill. The presentation comes from a web and windows service perspective.

A C# UK bank holiday calculator

In the UK we’re fortunate enough to get 5 free holidays a year, under the guise of “Bank Holidays”. These are mostly on Mondays and come in January, March/April, May, August and December.